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Government has head in sand over Mac Point

By August 16, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier to come clean on a number of governance and management concerns that have dogged the Macquarie Point Development Corporation.

He failed on all fronts to answer my concerns.

He did not respond to my request to provide details of the severance payout to the CEO who abruptly resigned after allegations of mismanagement and poor HR practices were made.

He played down the seriousness of the findings of a KPMG report into procurement practices at Macquarie Point.  This report reveals systemic non-compliance with Treasurer’s Instructions with the investigators unable to locate basic documentation such as signed contracts and signed variations to contracts across multiple procurements.

Who is in charge here? The Government has its head in the sand and the Board seem to be failing to appropriately oversee the conduct of management.

Surely the Board has to take responsibility for the Macquarie Point debacle. All Directors must follow their CEO out the door, and resign.

It is time to draw a line under progress, if you can call it that, to date and for a re-set at Macquarie Point. Enough is enough.

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