Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 2 June 2022

Thank you Mr Speaker

My question is to the Attorney General.

Advocacy Tasmania said yesterday in response to your refusal to establish an independent compensation scheme. They said:

 “Nowhere else would it be appropriate to make victims beg for compensation to the very same people who harmed them in the first place. Imagine asking someone who’d survived family violence to go to their abuser and beg for compensation. Then give their abuser the power to decide if they’d done wrong and how much it would cost to make it right. It’s absurd and disgusting.

The people at the centre of these systems always get forgotten. Over the last decades, we’ve supported hundreds of clients to try and get justice from the Public Trustee. Their processes have been consistently obstructive, and they have sought to protect their own. People rarely felt heard, processes could take years and, even then, simple complaints were left unresolved. Yet now our government believes the Public Trustee should consider their own victims’ compensation claims. The same organisation that the government’s own independent review found to have genuinely misunderstood their legislative obligations for at least 26 years?

This is the wrong organisation to be making decisions about the harms it has caused and the amount of compensation to pay.”

That is an extraordinary statement.

Attorney will you reconsider establishing an independent, fair, and accessible compensation scheme?

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