Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 1 June 2022

Thank you Mr Speaker

My question is to the Attorney-General

Attorney, you would be aware that Advocacy Tasmania has been representing many people who have been cruelly treated by the failings of the Public Trustee, going back over decades, causing monetary loss, mental trauma and even death to hundreds Tasmanians.

Attorney, I note your response to the Advocacy CEO that you may consider payments to victims in circumstances where there is actual loss.

As far as that goes, Attorney, I note that you at least acknowledge that people have suffered.

But what will be the process? What is the test? What hurdles must be cleared?

These people have been to hell and back. It is not acceptable if applicants for compensation have to prove loss through expensive, lengthy and distressing court or quasi-legal processes.

That would be mounting cruelty on top of cruelty.

Attorney, will you establish a compensation scheme that is properly funded, timely, fair and easily accessible?

And will your scheme acknowledge not just monetary loss, but include trauma and mental suffering?

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