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When will the Calvary ED open again?

It’s been over two months since Calvary Hobart closed its accident and emergency department on weekends.

This has put the public health system, already stretched to breaking point, under more pressure as the RHH must absorb those weekend admissions.

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier in his capacity as Minister for Health, what discussions has he had with Calvary and if he had a plan for Calvary to return its emergency department to full operation.

Remarkably, the Premier intimated that there has been no discernible impact on the Royal­. That’s a stretch too far.

How can that be so? Close one of the three emergency departments in Hobart and no effect on the others?

Or are people staying away and not getting the help they need? Or putting more pressure on GPs?

The Premier needs to grip this up. We can’t afford this to just roll along.

We need a definite plan and a date for the return of weekend ED at Calvary.

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