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Government Coy on Truth in Political Advertising Laws

Today in Parliament I asked the Attorney-General, Elise Archer, if Tasmania would follow jurisdictions such as South Australia and the ACT and introduce truth in political advertising laws.

She was unable or unwilling to make that commitment.

The fact is that voters are sick and tired of trying to separate fact from fiction in political advertising.

When customers walk into a shop, they can be confident that state and federal consumer laws will protect them from misleading or deceptive advertising.

But here in Tasmania it is perfectly legal for political parties and candidates to lie in their political and campaign advertising.

Frustratingly, the Attorney-General failed to speak about political advertising, instead providing a weak commitment to table long promised election reform legislation “soon”.

We’ve been hearing that for a while now.

I can’t believe the Government doesn’t have a position on truth in political advertising.

Why the evasion?

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