Questions in Parliament

Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 5 May 2022

Thank you Mister Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for State Development, Construction and Housing.

Minister, yesterday in this place I highlighted the litany of problems that have bedevilled the Macquarie Point development and asked the Premier if he would commit to a full and transparent inquiry into the deficiencies at the site.

He failed to acknowledge any problems at Mac Point, in fact proclaiming it was ‘Powering Ahead’.


Minister, are you aware that in 2019 the Department was formally alerted to accusations of bullying, manipulation and emotional abuse by management towards staff?

Are you aware of claims that procurement practices at the Corporation are manipulated to favour some providers and circumvent Treasure’s Instructions?

Are you aware of allegations that staff have been pressured to use their personal relationships to unduly influence outcomes that favour the Corporation?

Enough is enough. The veil of secrecy must be lifted from the Macquarie Point Development Corporation.

Minister, will you release the completed report into the latest bullying accusations prepared on behalf of the Department of State Growth?

And will you, Minister, commit to a full, open and transparent inquiry into all the clear failings at Macquarie Point?

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