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Premier thinks Macquarie Point ‘Powering Ahead’!

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, about Macquarie Point and whether he would commit to an investigation into the clear failings of the project.

His answer failed to address the many issues facing the development, which has had tens of millions of dollars invested into the project with nothing to show for it.

My full question:

Thank you Mister Speaker.

My question is to the Premier.

Premier, the Macquarie Point Development Corporation is by any measure a failure. There’s no development, the Mona vision is dead, there’s nothing to support the northern transport corridor, and the workplace culture is appalling with multiple, serious cases of bullying and high staff turnover.

And disturbingly, there are questions about financial transparency. After nearly ten years all we have to show for the tens of millions of dollars invested is a herb garden and a car park.

Premier will you commit to a full, open and transparent inquiry into the clear failings at Macquarie Point so that all Tasmanians can have confidence in the leadership and direction of this vital, once in a generation project before it goes completely off the rails?

In his reply the Premier desperately tried to defend a white elephant.  There are clearly deep-seated problems at Macquarie Point concerning governance, management, workplace culture and financial transparency.

There needs to be a comprehensive investigation into this mess.

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