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Ferguson Blind to Housing Fix

By March 1, 2022No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Minister for Housing, Michael Ferguson, if his government would ease the housing crisis by limiting short stay accommodation to the owner’s principal place of residence.

The full question;

Minister, I acknowledge today’s announcement that you intend to invest $1.5 billion over the next ten years to deliver an additional 6500 homes by 2032.

However, this is 10 years away, and your government’s track record of hitting targets is not good.

Minister, people need homes now. 

Will your government move immediately to ease the housing pressure by limiting short-stay accommodation to rooms in the owner’s principal place of residence?

Such a move will free up entire properties to be returned to the long-term rental market.

Tasmanians need roofs over their heads now, not in 10 years’ time.

While the Minister and the Premier are keen to talk up increasing the supply of housing over the next ten years they have no short-term plan for vulnerable Tasmanians that need a home today.

Notably the Minister, an owner of a short-stay accommodation property in Swansea himself, declined to say his government would act to release these homes into the long term rental market now.

Limiting Airbnb accommodation to rooms in an owner’s house, would have an immediate impact on Tasmania’s housing crisis and increase supply almost immediately.

The Minister is keen to crow about how strong the Tasmanian economy is, but that is not keeping our vulnerable people safe and warm at night.

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