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Pokie Barons fill Libs Christmas Stockings

By November 25, 2021No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier the following:

Premier in 31 sleeps hopefully Santa will be paying Tasmanians a visit. But I’m sure for the pokie machine industry it feels like Christmas has come early this week.

As has been said many times in this place, we have non-existent donation disclosure laws in Tasmania, and even with the weak federal laws, Tasmanians will have to wait to after Christmas before they will know how much the gambling industry donated to the Liberal Party in the most recent financial year.

Premier, will you tell Tasmanians today how much money the gambling industry donated in cash and in kind to the Liberal Party?

I’ve asked the Premier three times now to tell the Tasmanian people how much money and in-kind assistance has been donated to the Tasmanian Liberal Party by those associated with the gambling industry, and all he can say is that, “… donations are not my business.”

Really? What’s stopping the Premier disclosing donations now?

Why can’t he be honest with Tasmanians about the quantum of influence that the gambling industry have over the Government?

It’s nauseating that the Premier tries to ease his conscience about the harm that pokies cause by pointing to other gambling harm; he completely abrogates his responsibility to protect Tasmanians when and where he can.

Sadly, the Tasmanian community knows that there is no point lobbying Liberal or Labor because the major parties have been bought by the pokies industry – but people are talking about it and they care deeply and are disappointed that the Government and Opposition have abandoned them.

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