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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 9 November 2021

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Thank you Mr Speaker, my question is to the Attorney-General.

Attorney, I imagine you have been following the New South Wales ICAC  inquiry into ex-premier Gladys Berejiklian’s secret relationship with a disgraced former MP, and how that relationship may have affected the way she dealt with projects he was pursuing.

The ICAC Act imposes a duty on ministers to report to the Commission any matter the minister suspects, on reasonable grounds, concerns or may concern corrupt conduct, and it is this obligation that has been the focus of questions directed at Ms Berejiklian.

Attorney, in Tasmania there is no similar legal requirement for ministers to report suspected corrupt conduct.

In Tasmania, ministers can carelessly go about their business and legally, if not morally, keep their suspicions to themselves.

Attorney, do you agree that the public would expect that ministers should be legally required to report suspected corrupt conduct?

Will you bring legislation into this House to rectify this omission, to ensure that ministers, and other senior public servants, are required to report suspected corrupt conduct to the Tasmanian Integrity Commission?

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