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Labor Pokies Capitulation

By October 28, 2021No Comments

Tasmanians were left in no doubt yesterday that the Labor Party has fundamentally lost its moral compass when it voted in lock-step with the Liberals to pass so-called “gambling reform” legislation in the House of Assembly.

“I know the Liberals don’t care about the suffering poker machines bring to our suburbs, but I held out a glimmer of hope that Labor would find a conscience when it came to the crunch,” Ms Johnston said.

“But no. Labor has abandoned the very people it always claims it represents: the poor, the vulnerable, and the battlers.

“By refusing to support measures that make the machines safer, Labor have condemned many thousands of Tasmanians who are directly and indirectly affected by problem gambling to poverty, crime, domestic misery, physical and mental anguish, and even death.

“The craven Labor members we see in parliament today have betrayed their historic Labor legacy.”

Ms Johnston said that Labor’s capitulation to the Liberals and pokies industry barons follows the party’s recent mishandling of a sexual harassment complaint against one of its sitting members.

“Tasmanians are seeing a pattern of reprehensible behaviour here from the self-proclaimed party of the worker and the battler,” Ms Johnston said.

“Every day when I talk to people in the streets and shopping centres of my electorate of Clark, again and again people tell me of their dismay in the Labor Party. They look at the party that generations of their families have voted for, and they don’t recognise it anymore.

“It may as well be the Liberal Party.”

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