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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 27 October 2021.

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Attorney-General.

Attorney, you are well aware that Tasmania has the weakest integrity laws in the country. We now have a Tasmanian Electoral Commission report which finds that successive Tasmanian Governments may have carried out – and I use the Commission’s words – “indirect electoral bribery” through the distribution of grants at election time.

But the Integrity Commission also found that the TEC has been hamstrung by a lack of specific powers and resources to the extent that it is it is not possible for it to enforce compliance with the corrupt practices provisions of the Tasmanian Electoral Act.

Attorney, surely you agree this a disgraceful state of affairs.

Attorney, will you guarantee that the proposed Electoral Matters Bill will provide real teeth and direction for the TEC to investigate corrupt practices?

And Attorney will you immediately approve adequate funding for the Tasmanian Electoral Commission to carry out its statutory responsibilities?

It will be a start in restoring public faith in the political process.

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