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“Donations are not my business,” Premier

By October 13, 2021No Comments

Today in Parliament I asked the Premier, as I did yesterday, to tell the Tasmanian people how much money and in-kind assistance has been donated to the Tasmanian Liberal Party by those associated with the gambling industry.

Again he did not answer the question, but his excuse was astonishing:

“Donations are not my business.”

Really? The Premier receives and relies on millions of dollars in donations and in-kind support from the gaming lobby, and it’s not his business?

He invoked the party organisation for cover. More damning, he claimed the party complied with the law. We all acknowledge donation disclosure laws are a joke in Tasmania.

Here is the text of my question:

Premier, yesterday I asked you a straightforward question regarding donations to the Tasmanian Liberal Party from vested interests in the gambling industry.

You churlishly refused to answer the question.

I am well aware that the returns on the Australian Electoral Commission show that since 2016 approximately $1.1m has been donated by those associated with the gaming industry to the Tasmanian Liberal Party.

And I note that the returns for the 20/21 year are yet to be published. But Tasmanian donation disclosure laws are weak, and your party has likely received significantly more donations than declared to the AEC. I asked you to make a more complete disclosure to the Tasmanian people, including all cash donations and in-kind assistance, instead of hiding behind weak donation disclosure laws.

So I ask you again:

Over the past five years, how much money and in-kind assistance has been donated to the Tasmanian Liberal Party and Liberal candidates, by organisations, companies or individuals associated with the gambling industry?

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