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Independent member for Clark, Kristie Johnston, said that today’s announcement by the Government to disband a parliamentary working group about local government reform is nothing more than spin and it demonstrates their unwillingness to genuinely collaborate with all stakeholders about the future of local government.

“I participated cooperatively in the meetings and proposed ways in which all parties could work together to act on the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Committee (PESRAC) recommendation. However, what we have seen today is that the Government didn’t want to actually play ball and instead have taken their bat and gone home,” Ms Johnston said.

“The Minister is quite right to say that this important work has been stalled by politics. The reality is that it’s his Government who refused to act in the spirit of the PESRAC recommendation and work collaboratively.

“My fear is that now the Government will push their own local government reform agenda with scant regard to proper consultation with key stakeholders and the community. This working group could have been a genuine opportunity to improve local government in Tasmania but the Government lacked the maturity to genuinely collaborate.”

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