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Prison Rehab Program Must Resume

By September 14, 2021No Comments

The Independent Member for Clark, Kristie Johnston, today asked the Attorney-General, Elise Archer MP, the following question in Parliament:

Attorney, the Holyoake Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program has been delivered at Risdon Prison for over ten years.

It is the only alcohol and drug through-care model in the Tasmanian criminal justice system.

To quote Holyoake’s CEO from a recent Mercury opinion piece: “We have walked beside our clients, through their arduous journeys, and have witnessed many reaching their goals, their reintegration into society, reconnection with work, families and treatment.”

Attorney, are you aware that several months ago Holyoake had to suspend their programs at Risdon’s Apsley unit for the lack of a suitable room?

Apparently the room being used was water damaged and contained asbestos.

Attorney, surely, given the value of the program a suitable location could have been found.

Tragically, the hope Holyoake’s services may have given inmates has been extinguished.

What measures are you taking to bring Holyoake’s rehab services back into Risdon Prison?

“Unfortunately Ms Archer was unable to give any indication when this essential service can resume. In fact she seemed to be unware of the existence of Holyoake’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, which has been operating for over 10 years,” Ms Johnston said.

“The fact is that if the damage to a room had not occurred this program would still be running.”

Ms Johnston will be joined by Holyoake’s CEO, Sarah Charlton, to call for the urgent resumption of Holyoake’s addiction rehab program at Risdon Prison.

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