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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 31 August 2021

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Thank you Mr Speaker,

My question is to the Minister for Infrastructure.

Minister, as you should know, residents of Dynnyrne are growing increasingly scared and anxious about the proposed fifth lane on the Southern Outlet which will result in the demolition of 17 of their homes.

Officers from your department have told them that a number of alternative traffic solutions have been explored, but then ruled out.

Alarmingly, residents have not been provided with any information about these alternatives.

On the 4th of August this year, I wrote to you requesting details and information pertaining to these alternatives but, to date, I have not received a reply.

Minister, can you please advise the people of Dynnyrne why they have not been informed of these alternative solutions?

Minister will you do the decent thing and tell the people of Dynnyrne what alternatives to the destruction of 17 family homes have been considered and rejected?

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