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Kristie Johnston, Question to Parliament – 25 August 2021

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Mr Speaker, my question is for the Minister for Health

Minister, the paramedic profession has come to me concerned with the over-reliance on volunteers and the lack of adequate resources within Ambulance Tasmania.

Of the state’s 51 ambulance stations, 24 rely at least partially on the goodwill of volunteers, while 13 are ‘volunteer only’ with no support from salaried paramedics. I understand that too often ambulance call-outs are crewed by a single officer, which is manifestly unsafe and unfair to our salaried and volunteer officers.

Minister, to address these deficiencies, the profession is calling for an additional 229 fulltime employees, including 188 frontline paramedics. I am advised this would provide a greater footprint of high-level clinical care across the state while providing the volunteers with the additional experience and training opportunities they need.

Minister, will you listen to your own paramedics and commit to recruiting the staff required to provide adequate clinical care to Tasmanians while ensuring safer working conditions, including mandating two-person crews for all ambulance call-outs?

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