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Kristie Johnston – Question to Parliament 24 August 2021

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Thank you Mr Speaker.

My question is to the Minister for Education.

Minister, you will recall that in June in this House I asked if you would introduce a healthy lunch program for all primary school students in government schools.

Unfortunately you refused.

Minister, I note that your school lunch pilot program will be delivered to 15 schools next year and 15 more the year after, bringing the total to 30, barely one fifth of Tasmania’s 146 kinder to grade 6 schools.

And it’s still only a pilot.

Firstly, I am puzzled by the funding announcement. There will be $700,000 in 2022 for 15 schools. Then $700,000 in 2023 presumably to keep delivering to the 15 schools from 2022, but also for the 15 schools added in 2023. How does that work? Shouldn’t that be $1.4 million in 2023?

More fundamentally, will you acknowledge that the pilot to date has without doubt proven the worth of the scheme, and will you now deliver a healthy lunch program to all primary students in Tasmanian government schools?

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