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Kristie Johnston – Question to Parliament Thursday 24 June 2021

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Thank you Mr Speaker

My question is to the Premier;

Premier, in 2012 both you and the Deputy Premier were members of a House Committee that considered reducing the maximum bet per spin on poker machines from $5 to $1.

As the Australian Parliament was at that time introducing a trial of mandatory pre-commitment, the committee concluded that Tasmania should not proceed with a $1 bet limit, despite otherwise giving the reform a positive review.

Premier, we know that this pre-commitment trial floundered, and that similar schemes of have proved difficult to enforce and have not worked.

Will you acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that a maximum bet per spin of $1 will reduce the harm experienced by gamblers and limit the uptake of new problem gamblers, without having any real impact on recreational players?

Will you now support legislation that limits poker machines to $1 maximum bet per spin?

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