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New Health Minister Must Listen

The Independent Member for Clark, Kristie Johnston, today welcomed the appointment of Jeremy Rockliff as the new health minister.

“Mr Rockliff has a reputation for competency and engagement in his previous portfolios, and he’s going to need those skills, and more, to turn around a health system close to collapse,” Ms Johnston said.

“Previous health ministers have failed to invest sufficiently in the community and in-home health services that keep people out of hospitals in the first place.

“Greater investment in sub-acute care means that people can get out of hospital faster and have better care in their home or community, thereby freeing up hospitals to care for acute patients.”

“But there are no easy answers to fix the health crisis. It will need a multi-layered, multi-facetted response.”

Ms Johnston said she hoped Mr Rockliff would do what previous ministers have not: listen. “Listen to the doctors, nurses, paramedics, allied health professionals and those that deliver services to find the answers.”

“Those at the coal-face are the ones best placed to advise the minister. Please don’t ignore them,” Ms Johnston said.

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