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Kristie Johnston to run as independent at upcoming state election

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The Mayor of Glenorchy, Kristie Johnston, has today announced that she will be standing as an independent candidate for the seat of Clark at the next state election. Ms Johnston said that, if elected, she would be staunchly independent and consider all issues and make all decisions on merit.

“The message I am hearing loud and clear is that people are sick and tired of political parties and party games,” Ms Johnston said.

“Labor or Liberal, each is as bad as the other. Party politicians seem more focussed on their own careers or slavishly following ideologies that have no relevance to the communities I represent. They are woefully out of touch.”

Ms Johnston said that over two terms as Glenorchy’s Mayor, she had worked hard to turn a distrusted and dysfunctional council around. The Glenorchy Council is now, she said, open and available to the community it serves. No more secret deals and gross mis-management.

“But I can only achieve so much in local government, and the community is tired of getting the same old answers from political parties of all persuasions.”

“The people I talk to everyday bring issues to my desk that fall squarely at the feet of the state government. Like the lack of vision – and action – on passenger rail to the existing Hobart rail corridor. Like reigning in the terrible social damage caused by the greedy poker machine industry. Like the disgraceful mess our health system is in and the lack of community care and preventative medicine.”

“So, this is why I ask the people of Hobart and Glenorchy to elect me as an independent to the seat of Clark at the next state election. I seek their trust to shine a light on the issues that really matter to them and to expose the political games and incompetence of the major parties.”

“I am taking aim to tackle our state parliament from within, to fight the good fight for Tasmanians. I promise that I will listen to the community and make every decision based on merit and on my conscience – I am free to support the good ideas and reject the bad.”

Ms Johnston revealed that she will not be seeking or accepting donations from interest groups, lobbyists or corporations. Her campaign is being largely funded from her own savings, and any donations that are received from friends or family will be publicly declared on her campaign website within 48 hours. “No one will be pulling my strings. I will not be bought and I cannot be scared off,” Ms Johnston said.

“We’ve all seen the influence big donors, like the gaming industry, have on the major political parties. Well, the poker machine barons better listen very carefully: I will be fighting to see the end of pokies in our pubs and clubs and if you wish to attack me on that issue, then bring it on.”

Ms Johnston said she is ready for the fight of her life. She understands that historically there have been few independents elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly, the most recent in 1996 when Bruce Goodluck was successful in Franklin.

“I am under no illusions of what I am up against: the party machines, the big donors and influential lobbyists. But I have a proven track record of standing up for my community and I won’t hesitate to do it all again. I feel it is my time if I throw everything at this campaign, and I will.

For more information: Peter Tucker | Campaign Manager |0407 376 936 

Facebook: Kristie-Johnston-Independent-for-Clark

Authorised: K Johnston 4/7 Beakley Drive, Glenorchy 7010

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