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Response to Calling of Glenorchy City Council Election for 2018

By October 18, 2017February 25th, 2021No Comments

T oday, in a remarkable turn of events, the Minister for Local Government has announced his intention to table legislation in Parliament to dismiss the Glenorchy City Council and call a fresh election on 16 January 2018.

I can confirm that I will be standing for Mayor at the election and my commitment to continuing the clean out of the Council is unwavering.

I have uncovered and shone a spotlight on the cosy deals, the rubberstamping, the waste, the lack of transparency and accountability, and the aldermanic cheer squad for a General Manager found wanting.

The draft Board of Inquiry report and now the Auditor-General’s report have all independently confirmed my concerns about Council and have vindicated the position that I have taken in seeking to clean it out. The community have the Auditor-General’s report but they must be allowed to see for themselves the Board of Inquiry Report so they can be left in no doubt which aldermen have done the right thing and which have done the wrong thing.

Now is the time for Glenorchy residents to shout it from the roof tops, have their say and mark it on their ballot papers that the “Gang of Seven” are not welcome back at Glenorchy City Council. Glenorchy resident will be able to elect the Council that they deserve, a Council who puts the community’s best interest ahead of their own self-interest and what a remarkably different Council that will be from the one we have been lumbered with for years.

The Glenorchy community is a strong and proud community and we have some excellent opportunities for development and growth. With a strong and ethical Council supporting it I have no doubt that this City will prosper.

The power is now with the people of Glenorchy as it rightly should be. I have had a number of people already approach me eager to stand for Council with me. I’m putting the call out today for expressions of interest from anyone who might be interested in standing as a potential candidate on my team. In the coming weeks I will be holding an information session to answer questions about what has occurred at Council, what is involved in running as a candidate and what it takes to be a good alderman for the community.

I thank the Glenorchy community for their ongoing support and the faith that they have placed in me to clean out the Council. Together we will have a Council that we can be proud of.

For further information please contact Kristie Johnston on 0437 967 786