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Comment on Release of Auditor-General’s Report on CT Management Procurement by Glenorchy City Council

By October 17, 2017February 26th, 2021No Comments

I welcome today the release of the Auditor-General’s Report into Procurement of CT Management Pty Ltd by Glenorchy City Council. This long awaited report clearly finds that the General Manager, Mr Peter Brooks, has failed to comply with basic legislative and regulatory requirements in relation to procurement of goods and services.

Particularly concerning is the Auditor-General’s finding of evidence that indicates an intentional splitting of contracts for the purpose of avoiding a public tender process. This finding goes beyond the mere incompetence of the General Manager to suggest a more sinister motivation.

The Glenorchy community deserve answers and I call on an immediate investigation into the General Manager’s conduct to determine who benefitted from his intentional splitting of contracts and if it discloses any potential criminal or corrupt conduct. The investigation ought also consider the actions of the aldermanic cheer squad for the General Manager who repeatedly sanctioned his behaviour.

Both Matt Stevenson and I have expressed repeated concerns to Council that the General Manager was failing to comply with tendering processes and was also failing to disclose major contracts. In doing this we faced fierce criticism from the gang of seven who continued to publicly back the General Manager at both the 2016 AGM and the 23 January 2017 Council meeting. The Auditor-General’s Report confirms what Matt Stevenson and I have said all along and the gang of seven should hang their heads in shame for not standing up for the Glenorchy community and doing their job to hold the General Manager to account.

I congratulate Matt Stevenson for continuing to pursue this matter by making a formal complaint to the Auditor-General when it became clear that the General Manager was deliberately obstructing any attempts by both of us to hold him to account. This is another significant step on the road to cleaning out the Council.

For further information please contact Kristie Johnston on 0437 967 786.