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Response to Leaking of BOI Report

By June 28, 2017February 26th, 2021No Comments

When: 11am Wednesday 28 June 2017 (today)
Where: Glenorchy City Council lawns

I t is disappointing that the Board of Inquiry report appears to have been leaked to the media rather than released appropriately at the conclusion of this process by the Minister. However the community can now see for themselves what the independent Board of Inquiry has found based upon an abundance of supporting evidence, and a thorough and lengthy investigation.

The draft report has totally vindicated my position. I have consistently raised many concerns about the serious failures of Council and particularly expressed my lack of confidence in the General Manager and the Director of Corporate Governance and General Counsel. The draft report demonstrates that my concerns were well founded and my repeated efforts to hold them to account was appropriate.

In the face constant personal attacks by the gang of seven aldermen, the General Manager, and the Director of Corporate Governance and General Counsel I have maintained that the Council needed to be “cleaned out”. The Board of Inquiry has agreed with me.

I have continually blown the whistle on the dysfunction and maladministration of Council and honoured my election commitment to the people of Glenorchy. The absurdity of claims by some aldermen that they have been behaving to high governance standards has been clearly shown to be a fantasy in their own minds. They must now accept that they have done wrong and allow the community to move forward with a new Council. After all the pain they have caused this community surely this is the least they can do.

I have done my job as I had promised – to clean up Glenorchy and clean out the council. It is now up to the Minister to back up my actions and give the Glenorchy community the opportunity to now elect the council they deserve. A decision to keep the Council in administration can only be seen as a penalty against myself, Ald Matthew Stevenson and Ald Jan Dunsby, who have been doing the right thing and unfairly tarring us with the brush of wrongdoing. We seek an election immediately to let our community decide.

Finally I offer my sincerest thanks to my community for the overwhelming support you have offered me. It has been a difficult journey and you have stuck by me. Thank you for your support and confidence in me.

For further information please contact Kristie Johnston on 0437 967 786