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Glenorchy Community Held To Ransom By Faction Opposing The Board Of Inquiry

By June 7, 2017February 26th, 2021No Comments

S uspended Mayor Kristie Johnston calls on the faction of aldermen, the General Manager, and Director of Corporate Governance to stop hiding behind their expensive lawyers in repeated attempts to prevent the Board of Inquiry reporting to the Minister and the public.

“I believe and am concerned that there are some people who are doing whatever they can to stop the truth from coming out. Their continual requests for extensions, legal threats, and failure to cooperate with the Board of Inquiry is not in the best interest of the community they are supposed to be serving and is causing the community harm” said Kristie Johnston.

“We already know that the likely cost of the Board of Inquiry will be in excess of $1millon and it has now been going on for longer than 600 days. The community have every right to be angry and to ask what are these people afraid of? What are they hiding?”

“All affected parties have had a draft report since 20 February 2017 yet this faction expects the community to believe that three months is not enough time to respond and that they should be allowed further time. Who are they trying to kid! It’s this type of blatant disregard for the community’s welfare that has got these aldermen and their supporters, the General Manager and Director of Governance, into the situation they are in and it’s about time they face the consequences of their actions.

Enough is enough! The Board of Inquiry have notified all affected parties this morning that due to several requests the period in which to provide responses on the Draft Report has been extended again to 5pm, 21 June 2017.

For further information contact Kristie Johnston on 0437 967 786