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Personal Statement from Kristie Johnston, Matt Stevenson and Jan Dunsby

By April 29, 2017February 26th, 2021No Comments
  • The Board of Inquiry Process has been further extended, ensuring it will be more than 600 days from the day it started to its conclusion.
  • This will come at a further cost to the already exorbitant costs of the Inquiry to the community of Glenorchy
  • If this faction cares about the community they must immediately stop obstructing the Board of Inquiry and let it conclude without delay.

Late yesterday we were advised by the Board of Inquiry that, following a request from a party to the Inquiry, they have granted an extension of time in which responses to the Draft Report can be provided. The time has been extended from 11May to 1 June 2017.

We confirm that we did not seek this extension and are utterly disgusted, as are many in the community, at the lengths to which a faction of now suspended aldermen will go to in order to delay and obstruct the Board of Inquiry from concluding.

This Inquiry has already been underway now for 564 days and we are aware that thinly veiled threats of further legal action by the same faction may see it reach well in excess of the 600-day anniversary.

The Inquiry process has been thorough, professional, and fair to all parties. All affected parties have been provided the evidence upon which allegations have been based and there has been more than an adequate time allowed in which to provide a response.

The actions of this faction in seeking a further extension only serves to delay the inevitable in a pitiful and futile attempt to defend their indefensible actions.

Kristie Johnston said “this is outrageous. The people of Glenorchy have already suffered enough under the highly dysfunctional council and at every point this faction has deliberately opposed every attempt by myself, Matt Stevenson, Jan Dunsby, the community, the Minister, and the Board of Inquiry, to hold them to account and deliver a better council for our residents.

If this faction cares at all about the community that they were supposed to be serving and the hard working council staff, they must immediately stop obstructing the Board and let it conclude without delay.”

Jan Dunsby added “The community are telling me they just want this to end – they’ve had enough! The community are up in arms and they know exactly who is making this all drag on.

Unlike the faction we have fully cooperated with the Board, met all their requested timeframes and have not needed to seek costly legal representation at the expense of the ratepayers.”

Matt Stevenson said “Rate payers across this city, mums, dads, pensioners and business owners, already paying for the council’s ineptitude, are going to have to pay for probably in excess of a million dollars of board and legal costs. And all for the sake of a group of suspended alderman who can’t get past their egos.

The sooner council elections can be held and these deadweights cut free the better for the citizens of this city.

Important decisions on topics such as local government reform, governance oversight, financial management and community engagement need to be made by an elected body, and clearly with self-centred egos in the way, there is little chance of sensible decisions being made”.

Kristie Johnston said, “We call on the faction of seven suspended aldermen to finally take responsibility for their actions and to stop dipping into the ratepayer’s pockets to fund their seemingly never-ending challenges. Enough is enough! Let the Board of Inquiry finish the job!”

For further information please contact Kristie Johnston – 0437 967 786
Matt Stevenson – 0466 692 254
Jan Dunsby – 0419 328 469