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Decision Of Director Of Local Government- Adjournment

By March 11, 2015February 26th, 2021No Comments


The Director for Local Government today found my actions with regard to the Special Council Meeting on 5 February, 2015, to be completely valid and legal.

The Director, Philip Hoysted, found that I acted legally and he has concluded that:

  • I was, and am, entitled to receive the CT Management Report
  • The meeting was adjourned properly and for proper purpose
  • Any decision made subsequent to my legal adjournment is invalid.

I am gravely concerned that the implementation of the invalid and illegal decision made subsequent to the adjournment has serious consequences for Council. I am concerned that both Council and individual Aldermen may be potentially liable to legal action.

Although these Aldermen may have acted in good faith, and on the advice of the General Manager and Council Solicitor, the prima facie illegality of the decision exposes Council and the individual aldermen to potential and significant liability.

I believe Council needs to seek urgent independent legal advice on the issue of liability, the legality of staff redundancies and the impact it will have on the services to the Glenorchy community.

This is a defining moment for the Glenorchy City Council.

We have been found wanting on the fundamentals of good governance and further investigation has made it clear that there are systemic issues that need addressing.

However, I am ready to provide the leadership I was elected to by the people of Glenorchy to provide.

With the goodwill and cooperation of my aldermanic colleagues and Glenorchy City Council staff, I can and will guide Council back to being an effective and cohesive unit that can make sound decisions in the best interest of our community.

Mayor Glenorchy Kristie Johnston will be available for media interview outside Glenorchy City Council chambers at 3.15pm TODAY.

Media contact: 0488 307 427