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Glenorchy City Council Must Clean Up Its Act

By September 15, 2014February 24th, 2021No Comments

I n response to numerous complaints received from residents Alderman Kristie Johnston submitted two Notices of Motion at Monday’s Glenorchy City Council meeting asking that Council establish a Clean Up Glenorchy Taskforce to promptly remove weeds, collect and dispose of litter and rubbish in the streets and reserves, and to assist victims of vandalism to remove graffiti on private property. The motions fell on deaf ears.

“Although there was general agreement that the City is looking grubby and unkempt my fellow Aldermen would prefer to commission yet another report rather than getting on with the basic job of keeping our city clean”

“This Council has got its priorities all wrong. The ratepayers want this dirty and untidy city cleaned up and they are telling me that they are sick and tired of Council inaction.”

“The Mayor and the majority of Aldermen are happy enough to spend money where the ratepayers see no benefit and did not hesitate to include $120,000 in its
upcoming budget for anniversary parties and a large donation to GASP! Inc, (The trendy Art Park to be on the Foreshore) but when asked to properly fulfil a basic local government function they instead defer action whilst they wait for report. The Council has to start listening to the ratepayers, and stop wasting money and time.”

Venting her frustration Ald Johnston said,”
Can’t they see the weeds growing through the footpaths within a hundred metres of the Council chambers?
Haven’t they travelled around the roundabout in the centre of Glenorchy and been appalled at the litter laying across it and the weeds flourishing on it?
Are they blind to the graffiti springing faster than the weeds all over the City!“

Alderman Johnston, a qualified criminologist and lawyer, says the evidence is that if graffiti is cleaned regularly, and streets are well maintained and clean, then the incidence of crime, graffiti, and other anti-social behaviour can be significantly reduced.

Alderman Johnston said “If Council won’t get on with their job of keeping this city clean – I will! I’m asking ratepayers to join with me in creating our own Clean Up Glenorchy Taskforce to hit graffiti and rubbish hot-spots whilst we wait for yet another report to tell us the bleeding obvious – this city needs to be cleaned up!”